Medical University of Mazovia in Warsaw was fund in 2004 with decision of Ministry of National Education and Sports and registered/licensed
as non public /or private/ university of applied sciences.
Wyższa Szkoła Mazowiecka in Warsaw educates proffesional personnel/resources for
Health Care system in Poland and European Union for over 15 years.
Our experience, programs of education and innovative methods used during teachers
classes goes with current employers preferences and is folllowed/ results in success of
graduating students.

Our students can be sure they gain useful, reliable knowledge and practical skills that
make their access to the labour market easier, during process of studying they will be able
to benefit from many proffesional and comfortable solutions designed to meet their best

Please fell free to read into the program we offer and recommend for you in order to help
you fullfill your dreams and ambitions.

Rektor Wyższej Szkoły Mazowieckiej
prof. nadzw. dr hab. n. med. Jerzy Kotowicz

Studentów 1115
Wykładowców 137
Absolwentów 2260


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