School insurance


Students who is 26 year old or older and is not entitled to health insurance on any other conditions is entitled to be registered for insurance by the school.

Insurance act is taking place after matriculation act and students statement about no other insurance benefits. It applies to all types of schools and study systems  along with private or external studies.


Student who is entitled to insurance by the school is registering whole family members with the same insurance if they not entitled to insurance with other regulations. Contributions payment benefit depends on students registery in the right dean’s office, fill in right documents (ZUS ZZA) and no insurance statement.


Insurance diverse conditions


When insurance benefits titles collide provided by government budget the contribution is paid on the basis of older insurance title. For equaly registered titles the first one registered is the one obliged for contributions system.

Contribution payment obligation expires with the date of graduation (up to 30 september each academic year in which all examination process is done) or in case of

exmatriculation. Health benefits regulation  expires after 4 months from graduation date or in the moment of exmatriculation act.

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