Physiotherapy (Master’s degree supplementary programme)


Graduates get a professional Master’s Degree title.

Duration of studies:
-full time study
-part time study
with additonal 500 hours of practical professional classes

The aim of 2nd degree Physiotherapy study is professional education for graduates which makes them ready to work with sick, disabled , elderly people, work with natural physical methods for health prevention and treatment. Furthermore it gives ability to specialize in Physiotherapy and take up the 3d degree doctoral/post graduate studies.

The graduates of 2nd degree Physiotherapy studies will be ready to manage full professional care with physiotherapy treatment. They will gain necessary knowledge and be leaders of therapeutic teams and management staff of physiotherapeutic workrooms and institutions, perform professional trainings about basic physiotherapeutic procedures and professional education in this area.

They will also get skills with planning, managing and controlling the efficiency of physiotherapeutic process. It will be possible thanks to right amount of theoretical and practical classes about specialistic methods, physical medicine, functional diagnostics and physiotherapeutic treatment programming.

Graduate should be methodologically ready to perform scientific and professional activities and work with functional diagnostics.

Possible areas of employment:

Healthcare facilities (specialistic clinics, hospitals, antenatal schools, physiotherapy workrooms)
Sanatoriums and Retreat centers
Sheltered workshops (?) and occupational therapy workshops
Wellness clubs
Sports and recreational facilities (sports/recreational clubs, fitness/health clubs)
Remedial exercise centres (schools, preschools)
Sales and medical representatives (orthopaedic and physiotherapy equipment distribution companies)
Self employment
Scientific-research facilities
Public and government administration

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