Physiotherapy Master’s Degree


Physiotherapy Master’s Degree

Graduate gets a Graduate Diploma and Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy professional title. The process of studies gives our students an opportunity to get professional education, therefore makes them ready to work with sick, disabled , elderly people. Students can be independent guardians for those whose health or psychomotor performance is endangered and they need special treatment with the use of physiotherapeutic methods and resources.

Basic methods of physiotherapeutic process are: kinesiatrics , physiotherapeutic procedures, professional massage, manual therapy and orthopedic equipment usage. An intended area for Physiotherapy Master’s Degree Graduates professional work is cooperation with patients in every clinical case with recommended/indicated physiotherapy process. Furthermore the graduate will be competent to work with preventive physiotherapy area. Prevention in physiotherapy is a great way of helping to protect against multiply civilization diseases, like: cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular system diseases , mental disorders, injuries, alergies and many others.

The main concept of education in Master’s Degree study process is to give our students a chance to gather complex, modern, broad knowledge in physiotherapy area.
In the process of study they can attend classes which give them a chance to gain specialized knowledge useful in physiotharapist profession, clinical classes and proffesional practice for highly qualified human resources in physiotherapy area.

Master’s Degree Graduates in physiotherapy (practical study) will gain social knowledge and competencies defined with the standards of education by accurate acts and regulations. Master’s Degree Graduates will get professional competencies, according to the demands and standards in the Health Care System.
They will gain practical knowledge and skills needed in the area of:

-physiotherapeutic diagnosis with the use of recommended specialistic equipment
-physioterapy workrooms equipment control
-functional tests choice and performance
-planning and programming of physiotherapeutic treatment procedures
-performing treatments based on natural methods of preventive physiotherapy
-cooperational performance in professional physiotherapeutic teams

The graduates will be ready to work with professional physiotherapeutic teams in the areas of environmental physiotherapy, psychomotor improvement for permanently disabled in particular.

Economy, law, management, marketing classes – giving an opportunity for business activity in the area of health promotion. The graduate will be methodologically ready to perform (with the support of supervisor) scientific and professional activities with the demand to submit the Master Degree Thesis and Master Degree Thesis Defense performance.
Students are able to attend professional and scientific associations (as PTF, PTR, PTMM and many others), federated with their European and worldwide references.

Master’s Degree Graduates are entitled to attend 3d degree post graduate studies (doctoral).
5 year Master Degree Studies stationary and non stationary system – 10 % of study program includes subjects of choice within MUM recommendation offer.

1/ Prevency and treatment of obesity and overweight issues
2/ Kinesiology (Anthropomotorics) and anthropometry, kids and young adults physiotherapy
3/ Special methods of corrective treatment and postural allignment
4/Biomechanic of chosen sports disciplines
5/Biochemy and energetics in physical exercise
6/Physiotherapy in sport and sports massage
7/ Complex Oedema treatment
8/ physiotherapist work documentation and health care management
9/ Active therapy, art therapy and hippotherapy
10/ Physiotherapy in geriatrics and neurological disorders treatment

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