Organization and Management in Health Service (postgraduate studies)


Purpose of study: the main purpose of study is to improve the qualifications of those responsible for management in health care organizational units. During their studies, students acquire comprehensive knowledge, giving theoretical and practical skills necessary in modern healthcare.

The studies will ensure the acquisition of information related to the legal economic environment of health care units. In addition, legal acts regulating the problems of public administration bodies in the healthcare system will be presented. Relations between these bodies and health care organizational units will also be indicated, also in the process of restructuring and transformation.

The issues of public aid for health care units and legal forms in which health care organizational units will be able to operate will be discussed. The subject of the analysis will also be the process of ordering and performing contracts for the provision of healthcare services concluded between the payer and the service provider, as well as determining the situation of its participants.


Understanding the key, practical aspects of managing entities operating in the healthcare system.
Preparation for management in organizational units of health care.
Developing practical skills in the field of analysis and methods of solving management problems, making strategic decisions in such a complex area as the Polish health care system.
Knowledge passed on by experienced experts in the field of health care and outstanding dorms.
List of items:

Healthcare facility management
Health care systems in European Union countries
Change management in healthcare. Restructuring and privatization in healthcare.
Marketing of health services
Quality of health services and external quality assessment systems
Financial management in healthcare facilities
Accounting in healthcare facilities
Public health. Health and social policy
Contracting healthcare services
The role of public administration in healthcare
Health care organization
Basics of labor law in healthcare
Civil and commercial law in healthcare
Business ethics
Patient Rights
Information systems and their use in health care management
Diploma seminar
Study participants: the offer of studies in the field of „Organization and management in health care” is intended for persons managing health care units, preparing to perform managerial functions in both public and non-public healthcare institutions, state and local administration in the field of healthcare, people employed in other institutions related to health care, people running or wanting to start a business in the healthcare sector, people interested in self-improvement and raising professional qualifications.

Graduates of the „Organization and management in health care” postgraduate studies have the right to occupy managerial positions in public health care facilities on the basis of the Regulation of the Minister of Health on the requirements to be met by persons in managerial positions in health care facilities of a certain type (Journal of Laws 2000 .
No. 44, item 520, as amended d.).

Lecturers: teaching classes are conducted by specialists – practitioners of the healthcare sector in senior managerial positions in public and private healthcare facilities, academic teachers, invited guests from academic centers and practitioners – specialists cooperating with the University. Managers of key healthcare organizations, public and non-public entities, as well as specialists in the areas of finance, insurance in health care and medical law are invited to conduct lectures.

Organization of classes:

The studies last 2 semesters, classes are conducted twice a month on a Saturday-Sunday cycle, Saturdays between 8.45-15.00, Sundays from 8.45-15.00 (180 hours in total).
Beginning of studies: winter recruitment starts classes from February 2017.
Teaching classes are carried out in the form of lectures, exercises, consultations and a diploma seminar.
Admission requirements: the admission order is decided by the order of applications.

Conditions for completing studies: obtaining credits specified in the study program, writing a thesis and passing the final exam.

Graduates receive a certificate and diploma of post-graduate studies at the University of Mazovia in Warsaw in accordance with the Ordinance of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of September 1, 2011 on professional titles granted to graduates, conditions of issue and necessary elements of diplomas and post-graduate diplomas and template of the diploma supplement.


The registration fee is PLN 50, payable on the day of signing the contract.

Tuition for studies is 3900 PLN. Tuition fees can be paid in two equal installments (2 × 1950 PLN).
Fees for graduates:

The registration fee is PLN 0.
Tuition for studies is 3600 PLN. Tuition fees can be paid in two equal installments (2 × 1800 PLN).

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