OBSTETRICS (Bachelor’s degree programme)


Obstetrics is a field of medicine dealing with the physiological period of pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium.

Studies in the field of Obstetrics enable the acquisition of knowledge in the field of medical sciences, in particular prenatal medicine, neonatology, gynecology and nursing. They allow you to learn about the types of health services used for women and her family, pregnant women, women giving birth and newborns.

During the studies, issues related to health promotion, prevention, and professional obstetric gynecological care are presented in detail: pre-contraceptive, prenatal and during menopause.

During the course of midwifery, students in the field of Obstetrics shape the ability to recognize and monitor a normal pregnancy, independent delivery of labor by nature and detect abnormal conditions in the mother and her child during pregnancy, delivery and the puerperium. Studies also allow you to become familiar with rescue operations taken in emergencies of health or life threat.

The curriculum developed for the faculty provides for a large number of practical classes taking place in delivery rooms, maternity, neonatal, gynecological as well as pediatric wards in clinical hospitals, obstetric and nursing homes, community care and birthing centers.

A graduate of obstetrics is prepared to work in public and private health care institutions, state and local administration as well as in education (after completing the teaching specialty).

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