Nursing (Bachelor’s degree programme)


Nursing is becoming one of the most popular fields of study. Along with changes in social life and expectations of health care, the professional role of a nurse and a nurse changes.

Our university will prepare you to work in the profession of the future with constantly growing demand and social prestige, both in Poland and abroad. You will gain the necessary knowledge and skills under the care of an experienced team of the best specialists as well as gain practical experience in reputable health care units. You will obtain professional qualifications in accordance with the requirements of the European Union in the field of medical sciences and nursing practice.

Nursing studies is a compound of theory and practice. Our school offers a diverse choice of classes structures: lectures, workshops, laboratory classes, seminars (discussion workshops), training classes, seminary classes.

In the process of studies you get specialistic knowledge in the area of medical science, health care science, physical culture science and detailed knowledge at nursing. This includes law, ethics, deontological regulations according to nurse profession standards.
Graduates are qualified and enititled to take actions in the area of health care – specialy prevention, improvement and health retreat. They are able to take individual or teamwork care for people of all ages – no matter their health status or social/cultural environment. They can gather specialized data to recognize needs and conditions of health, which helps with nursery diagnosis and planning on full professional care.

Nursing graduate gets the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing title which gives them possibilty to start own practice in nursing, specialize in professional areas and take up Master’s Degree studies. The competencies are consistant with European Union laws and regulations and they entitle to:
-take full professional care of sick and disabled
-recognize symptoms of health problems, evaluate patients conditions and work on diseases diagnose
-involve in physical treatment, physiotherapy process, nursery care, diagnostics
-work in high standards day care profession area
-perform health care prevention procedures and health care education
-involve in health care teams cooperation

Our strenghts/assets:

We are able to provide nursing workrooms access, physical research workrooms with modern equipment giving a chance for nursery practice simulations.
clinical classes and professions practice take place in prestige medical facilities thanks to which our students are ready to work in their professions specialities areas.
In the process of education professional lecturers staff is doing their best to guarantee the greatest didactic and logistic conditions of studying based on cooperation, trust fundaments and with respect for students rights.
1st degree Nursing studies long 3 years (6 semesters), and results with the thesis exam (practical, theoretical) along with bachelor’s thesis defense.
Studies are organised according to European Union education standards.
With every midterm student gets ECTS points, which gives them opportunity to continue studies at other european universities within Erasmus program.
Students of nursery can develop their scientific potential with the active participation in scientific workshops, faculties, doing researches, writing articles for public press and presenting their achievements on symposiums and conferences.

Possible areas of employment:
Graduate gets a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing title, and is ready to work in:
-staionary health care facilities, hospital divisions, hospital retreat centers, specialistic clinics, ambulance stations, social care institutions, health care retreats centres
-kids clubs, nurseries (pre schools), schools, hospices, physical retreat facilities, addictions retreat facilities, psychiatric health care, military institutions and prison services
-providing and managing health care treatment process
-health care education promotion
-developmental actions in scientific research, in nursing practice area

The studies include subjects as below:
-Social science:psychology, sociology, pedagogy, law, public health, philosophy and ethics in nurse profession
-Basic science: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Genetics, Biochemy, Biophysics, Microbiology, Parasitology, Pharmacology, Radiology
-Basics of nursing science:
Nursing basics, Health care promotion, Basic health care, Dietetics, Physical examinations, Scientific research in nursing, Faculties (hospital infections, sign language, mental health promotion)
Professional specialistic health care science:
internal diseases, internal nursing, paediatrics and paediatrics nursing, surgery and surgery nursing, midwifery/obstetrics, Gynaecology and obstetric-gynaecologic nursing, psychiatry and psychiatric nursing, anesthesiology and emergency nursing, physiotherapy and nursing of disabled, neurology and neurological nursing, geriatrics and geriatrics nursing, palliative care, emergency medical services basics.

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