NNW+OC Insurance


Insurance on professional practicum and clinical classes is mandatory!


Participants of Physiotherapy practicum and clinical classes could face unexpected events so its mandatory regulation to have current and active accident insurance (NNW) and OC policy.

Health insurance for all called students:

Student is a person who studies 1st or 2nd degree faculty, Masters Degree faculty, Masters Degree post graduates and Doctoral post graduates are not included.

A person is a student till the date of graduation or date of exmatriculation.


Working students on employment contracts is entitled to health insurance (contributions should be provided by the employer). In case of self employment the obligation is on the student side.

Contract and term contract employees (up to 26 year old students) are not obligated for any contributions.

Parental insurance is mandatory for student up to 26 year old (no employment or self employment). Working parent is obliged to register his child with their insurance.

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