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Financial support benefits not included for: integrated Master’s Degree studies graduates and graduate studies, undergraduate studies resumed, undergraduate studies graduate continued for Master’s Degree title or equal for more then 3 year period; students already on benefits according to mentioned conditions studying other faculty this or another school.

Student can take a few financial support benefit applications at once ie. social grant, deans best student scholarship and special grant for disabled students.

Total amount of stypend funds (social and deans) can’t be higher then 90% of the lowest payment of assistant according to regulations about academic teachers wages.

Graduate students of one faculty and continues on the other are not entitled to the benefits unless they continue first degree studies in order to get Master’s Degree title or equal, but no longer then 3 years period.

According to the above students who graduated more then one faculty, with Master’s Degree title or equal or 1st degree studies graduates who continue on other 1st degree faculties are not entitled to financial benefits.

Students who get their financial support benefits are obligated to inform school about graduation on another faculty.

Furthermore they are entitled to apply for excellent achievements stypend. For more details go to

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